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NPI Italia S.r.l.
A Neoperl Company

Our strategic values.

Working pursuing the satisfaction of all stakeholders (customers, users, employees, suppliers, shareholders and others), aware that an efficient and ethical management of the company contributes to what the community expects in economic, social and environmental issues.

Working respecting the external environment, striving to make a responsible use of the energy and of the semi-finished products used in our production cycle and to awaken our staff to the waste separation.

Ensuring the performing of work activities in a safe environment, where everyone is trained and informed about the risks associated with their job.

Pursuing the implementation of quality procedures, policies and management tools needed to ensure the execution of all business activities.

Ensuring the customer a thorough, rapid, and competent assistance to increase loyalty.

Supporting our brand and strengthen the company's reputation for high reliability in the market.

Identifying the training needs of managers and employees, by offering courses that lead everyone to have a positive attitude towards all efforts to grow the culture and the know-how of the company.

Developing and increasing the sense of responsibility of everybody in carrying out their role, in order to increase their active participation in pursuing the corporate objectives. Greater sense of responsibility in every area of the company to create value and to achieve business goals is the result of a corporate culture of honesty, transparency, trust and dialogue at all levels of the organization.

NPI Italia S.r.l. | A Neoperl Company
Via Velleia, 19 - 20900 Monza (MB) Italy
Tel +39 039.204981
Part. Iva IT10804760154

Neoperl Italia Srl
Via Borgomanero, 84
28012 Cressa (NO) Italy
Tel +39 0322 863301
Part. Iva IT01604580033