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NPI Italia S.r.l.
A Neoperl Company

Years 2014-2015

Year 2014

2014 marks a turning point for Parigi Industry that in August joined the NEOPERL Group.
Established in 1959, Neoperl has gradually become a leading company in the sanitary field, with manufacturing plants and sales networks in the major world markets. Over the last 40 years the two companies have created not only a solid customer-supplier collaboration, but also a deep mutual respect and shared values and strategies, which build up an important prerequisite for a successful partnership.

2014 and Parigi enters a new and exciting era: to be part of a group of international level means new opportunities and new challenges for every person working alongside Laura Parigi and Fabio Riboldi, who retain the management of the company, ensuring continuity in the relationships with customers, suppliers, stakeholders.

Moreover in 2014 Parigi Industry is also involved in a project to promote health at the workplace, becoming a Workplace Health Promoter. It is a new project for the territory of Monza and Brianza, created in cooperation with the regional and local health authorities and with the former Industry Association of Monza and Brianza, that Parigi Industry decided to join as a pilot company in the SMEs category. The project requires the involved companies to commit themselves for three years on some thematic areas related to health promotion in the workplace.
In 2014 we took into consideration the areas of proper nutrition and work-life balance. For each area we focused the objectives to be achieved involving employees and collaborators of the company.

This year the marketing and communications area sees some members of Parigi Industry becoming testimonials of the press campaign "Quality lies in our hands", born from the many years of cooperation with the advertising agency Publitrust, with photographs by Flavio Gallozzi. With this campaign Parigi Industry wants to focus on its own people, the dignity of their work and of the importance of being producers in the Italian territory. 2015 the campaign is awarded with the “Parola d’Impresa Award”.

As part of the promotion of its products and of the development of its program Parigi has continued to organize the "days at the counter" at selected stores on the Italian territory. On these occasions Parigi Industry’s staff, together with the sales force, is available for installers to provide updated and detailed information on the characteristics of all Parigi’s products.

2014 Parigi Industry also presented an important novelty regarding the gas hoses for built-in kitchens and cookers, the Sicurgas® NG tube, which, unlike similar products, usually entirely made of metal, present an inner tube made of thermoplastic material, covered with a stainless steel braiding, that meets the requirements of the reference standards.

Since 2014, exclusively for the Italian territory, we can also propose a hose with reduced sizes for the faucet industry, for the connection between the water network and any kind of taps. This hose with a built-in Boostcrimp® technology, patented by NEOPERL, , with reduced dimensions but always in compliance with the requirements of the international standards, will allow to meet the needs connected to the minimal taps of new design, typical of the present concept for bath furniture.
A year full of novelties and new opportunities for a company always on the move.

Year 2015

A special year, which saw Parigi Industry celebrate the 65th year of activity.

But first things first. Planned from the beginning as a necessary stage in the integration process in the Neoperl Group, the change of the corporate name from Parigi Industry in NPI Italia begins with March 1st. The redesigned logo allows both the placement of Parigi Industry - NPI ITALY within the Neoperl Group with the use of the traditional logo, with the aim of promoting a brand that is synonymous of a long family business tradition.

As it has been going on for many years, in odd years we participate in the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt. For the first time we were hosted in the group stand, together with our colleagues from Industrias Mateu, who entered the Neoperl group about one year before. These are the words of NPI Italia’s collaborators present at the Neoperl stand in those days: "A new adventure, a marked change ... very positive and exciting the opportunity to meet many new people, not only customers of the group but also new colleagues, with whom we have limited ourselves to only exchange email messages so far. " A very attractive stand with the coordinated presence of the three brands - Neoperl Mateu Parigi - attracted many visitors from all over the world.

NPI ITALIA also attended regional exhibitions: Expotorre in the Piemonte region and Zangrillo Day in Lazio; these were important opportunities to affirm its presence alongside the heating and plumbing wholesalers and retailers.

It also exhibited at the Big Five Show in Dubai one of the corporate events organized by the Parent Company.

NPI ITALIA also continued health promotion activities in the workplace linked to the WHP project throughout the year, with the involvement of the whole staff both at the headquarters in Monza, for the second year, and at the site in Soncino, for the first year. Read more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWgSS-FCGp4.

December 2015 NPI Italia joined ANGAISA, a National Association that brings together Wholesalers and Retailers of the plumbing and the heating field, as an industrial supporting member, thanks to the great experiences gained in these sectors over the years.

The year was concluded with the celebrations of the 65th year of activity at the beginning of December: a convivial moment and a concert in the beautiful setting of the UNICREDIT PAVILLON in Milan, which was attended by all the NPI Italia staff at Monza and Soncino, by a small number of business partners, the members of the Board of the Sister Company Neoperl Italia and by the top management of the Parent Company. An occasion of celebration and fun to end this demanding and challenging year with a bang.

Year 2016

From the beginning it appeared to be a year to remember: high pace of work, innovations to be introduced on the market, interesting and innovative projects to be implemented.

In March, the group participated in the MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, traditional trade fair which takes place in Milan where we have been exhibiting for many years. Much appreciated the new look of the stand whose graphics recall to the corporate colors. On this occasion we presented the operators of the field the new Neoperl Catalogue "All in one" dedicated to the specialized Italian distribution and that, for the first time, includes the Parigi hoses next to the classic Neoperl products.
During MCE the MIKADO aerator, winner of the "Red Dot Award", an important prize awarded to products that stand out for design and the high degree of innovation, was presented to the general public for the first time.

NPI Italia also took part in the road show of the Delta Group, which offers important opportunities for interaction between producers, wholesalers and installers of the plumbing and the heating sector, in the Innerhofer Fair, in collaboration with Neoperl Italia and, for the first time, it was present with its sales staff at the Bricoday fair, held in Milan in September.

22016ing_MCEmajor breakthrough of NPI Italia with reference to the corporate governance. Aware of the importance of preventing the occurrence of the offenses envisaged by the Legislative Decree 231/2001, NPI Italia has chosen to adopt an organizational model in order to make it a useful internal control tool for the prevention for its own Directors, Employees, co-operators , Agents. The Model was adopted by the Board of Directors of 22nd June 2016. A Supervisory Body will periodically check the application of the Model and of what the Decree provides.

Confirming the great attention of NPI Italia to its human capital, while hoping never to need it, the production sites of Monza and Soncino were equipped with defibrillators and their emergency teams have participated in the course BLSD-Basic Life Support / Defibrillation, held by the non-profit organization “Il Salvagente Monza”.

Last but not least, the small company library of the Monza headquarters was enriched by a new area: the children's books! The WHP project continued its implementation, with a focus on the areas of the promotion of road safety and sustainable mobility and combating alcohol and other addictions.

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